About Us

About Us

Coton De Tulear von der Rosa Alba

..since 1993…

The Coton de Tulear is the ideal family dog.  Full-grown, it weighs around 6 kilos (13 lbs.).  It is attached to its family, eager to please and therefore easily trainable.  Its alertness makes the coton a good watchdog while being at the same time a playful, exuberant and affectionate companion.  It moves with agility causing many to claim that the coton is the ideal dog for the sport of this name.   The coton needs its garden and regular walks and hikes.  It is fairly oblivious to wind and weather, though needs to be dried thoroughly if it should become really soaked and cold.  In general, the coton gets along very well with children as well as with house pets from cats to St. Bernards.  The coton can reach a ripe old age of up to 18 years if bred and looked after with care.

My goal is to breed nice dogs for nice people.  Top on my list of breeding priorities are health and temperament, even though I have nothing against breeding beautiful cotons of show quality.

My dogs are my family and determine to a large extent my style of life.  We live in a small house in the countryside near the Lake of Constance.  Along with my dogs, my garden is my passion, and my puppies and dogs have free access to it from the house.

My puppies are carefully bred, lovingly raised and well socialised.  They are wormed, correctly nourished, vaccinated and chipped and have FCI-reigstered pedigrees.

I must have extensive personal contact with anyone who wishes to adopt one of my puppies before engaging in a reservation or a sale.  Inquiries and visits are welcome, so do not hesitate to contact me.  I speak fluent English, German and Spanish and some French.

I was a co-founder (1999) of the Swiss Coton de Tuléar Club (CTCS/SKG) and am a member of the German Coton de Tuléar Association (CTV/VDH).  Both the SKG and the VDH are the only registries in their respective countries which are recognised by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).